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HPAE Safe Staffing Rally

Barry Kushnir
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Safe Staffing Saves Healthcare May 11th Rally in Trenton

The staffing crisis has left healthcare on the brink of a collapse that will have dire consequences on the delivery of care. Frontline healthcare workers continue to migrate out of the profession at an alarming rate. We all know the answer: Safe Staffing Standards!

Join us in Trenton on May 11 for a statewide rally on Safe Staffing to tell lawmakers and the establishment we have had enough. We are standing together - workers, patients, community members and advocates.

We cannot afford to allow the situation to worsen. By increasing the number of staff caring for patients, we keep healthcare workers at the bedside and increase the ability to recruit more into our professions and field. If not, healthcare financing and patient care will continue to decline, leading to the potential closure of facilities, putting even more lives at risk.

Let's tell Trenton lawmakers to take swift action to pass legislation that will not only recruit more healthcare workers into the profession, but will also keep them from continuing to migrate out of healthcare. Safe staffing has always saved lives.; now safe staffing can save healthcare.

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.

Bus Transportation provided for a $25.00 Refundable Fee, which will be reimbursed when you get on the bus. Select which county you prefer to get on the bus. Details on bus locations will be emailed before the event.

Don't be left out! Register by May 9th